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Rådasand AB is a member of the Peab Group and a subsidiary of Swerock AB. Rådasand AB quarries sand from Råda Ridge located in the County of Lidköping, Sweden and processes it to produce specialist sands. The special sand products are processed for many different applications, such as water purification, iron foundries, the construction industry, thermal power plants and CHP plants, de-icing and the gardening, leisure and hobby sector.

Sales worldwide

Our special sand products are primarily sold within Sweden, but considerable exports are made to Norway, France, the UK and Germany, where the sand is used in the casting of engine blocks thanks to Rådasand’s unique properties and high quality. We achieve the even quality thanks to a sieve unit that distributes the sand very narrowly enabling us to obtain very exact grit sizes.

Other countries that we export to include China and Sri Lanka, but we have also provided sand for water purification in various water projects in developing countries, where they have achieved the purification of the water by using our sand before they could produce the sand themselves.

Rådasand contributes to the development of a sustainable society

On the Råda Ridge, which is the highest point in Lidköping, Rådasand has participated in building the Råda outlook point, a vantage point that provides a tremendous view over Lidköping, Kinneviken and Kinnekulle. Adjacent to this outlook point, there are jogging tracks and walking trails. Also, a smaller ski slope with a ski lift owned and operated by Rådasand is situated on the ridge and has become a popular leisure destination for many of the Lidköping residents.

To minimise the environmental impact and the expenditure of natural resources in the production of sand, the water we use when washing the sand is led down to a sewage treatment plant. The cleaned water is then returned to a purification pond to be recycled again.


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