Flygfoto över Rådasand Lidköping

In 1913, nearly a century ago, farmer Magnus Jansson opened a quarry at Råda and started supplying sand and gravel to the local construction and civil engineering industries. He transported the materials on horseback or used horse-drawn carriages. A few years later he embarked on manufacturing cement pipes for tile drainage, sewers and wells.

Mr. Jansson’s business grew and was taken over by his four sons, who in 1936 registered a trading company in the name of Bröderna Janssons Cementvaru & Murbruksbolag (The Jansson Brothers’ Cement and Mortar Supplies). It was at this stage that the Company started producing special sand products in the form of filter materials for water-treatment purposes.

The Company became a limited liability company in 1965 under the name of AB Råda Sand. Until its takeover by the Swedish Forest Agency in 1989, it was owned and operated by the third Jansson generation, cousins Bernt Jansson and Sten Döse.


Increased demand for special sand products

Demand for specialist sand grew when local counties across Sweden started investing in water-treatment plants and required large quantities of filtration sand. Meanwhile, the shipyard in Gothenburg was ordering large quantities of blasting sand. Now, most of the filtration sand is sold to water treatment projects abroad, as well as private water treatment plants.

In mid-1970s, the company began producing dry concrete products, for which dry and well-fractured sand was required. In response to growing demand, the company built a new filtration sand factory and a sand washing facility. It also built a plant for the production of ready-mixed concrete and has since been the region’s sole supplier of concrete for construction works and for silo towers, housing projects, bridges, industries and commercial properties.

In 1983, in order to preserve the natural gravel reserves at Råda for the production of specialist sand, the company opened a rock quarry at Gillstad, 15 kilometres from the town of Lidköping, with the intention of substituting sand with crushed rock wherever possible.


The present-day Rådasand

The present-day Rådasand AB has its origin in Swerock and was formed in the middle of the 1990s. In 2001, Rådasand became a subsidiary to Swerock AB. The business within Rådasand is now solely focused on the production and sales of special sand products for a range of different application areas in industry and community services.

Other operations such as concrete and crushed stone products have been taken over by Swerock AB, Rådasand AB’s parent company, a nationwide supplier of ready-mixed concrete, gravel and crushed stone for the construction and civil engineering industry and transportation and construction equipment services. Swerock, in turn, is a subsidiary of the Peab Group.


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