Our core values


Down to earth

We want to work closely with our customers. Before accepting a task, we shall be certain that we have access to the resources that are required to do a good job. We want to be renowned for our down-to-earth way of working, with short decision paths and have the customer’s interest at heart.


We shall be innovative, flexible and constantly improve. We shall utilize the competence of our employees and offer good opportunities for development, training, promotion and health care. We want our employees to be committed and participate in the business, while contributing to our positive development. At Rådasand, we shall be able to influence our work situation.


Our customers shall feel secure when they engage Rådasand. This means that we shall always act with good business ethics, competence and professional expertise. We shall plan properly, do things right from the outset, eliminate risks and maintain promised schedules. We shall fulfil legislation and requirements, select the best possible technology, prioritize renewable resources and avoid environmentally hazardous substances.


We shall be the personal company. By holding honest and confidence-inspiring dialogues with our customers and suppliers, we want to create strong long-term relationships. We shall strive to ensure that our tasks can be reconciled with the interests of families and leisure interests. We want to ensure that good communication, a positive atmosphere and respect for the individual shall prevail in Rådasand.

It is all of us at Rådasand who create the driving force for the company through our commitment and thereby the conditions for success.


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