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At Rådasand, we produce special sand products for many applications. The largest areas we deliver our products to are mainly iron foundries, sand for water purification and fluidized sand beds, also known as boiler sand. Besides this, we have sand for playgrounds, i.e. shock absorbing sand for playgrounds and sand for sandpits, the hobby and leisure sector and zoological environments, and sand or gravel that can be used as decoration.

Even if we have not mentioned the application you need, we can almost certainly meet your needs. E-mail us an inquiry at or call us at +46 10 456 89 00 and we will answer your questions as soon as possible.

All our products are of high quality since we apply high standards to the production process. All gravel is washed before delivery, and by using a hydrosizer and sieve, we can classify the gravel very narrowly and get very exact grit sizes. Our products are delivered in 20 kg bags, in 1.1-tonne bags and in bulk.


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