Environment and quality

Rådasand dammar

Rådasand aims to be a leader in sustainable development. Being a leader in sustainable development means that all we plan and do must be fully in line with our ethical guidelines, must reflect an acceptance of corporate social responsibility and must incorporate a long-term perspective. In doing so, we will be a role model in the areas of environmental, financial and social responsibility.

Through this, we ensure that the environmental, occupational safety and quality aspects are continuously taken into consideration in our daily work. We continuously focus on how we can minimise environmental impact and increase resource utilisation. As a reflection of the high demands we place on our business, the whole company is both environmental and quality certified according to ISO 14001 and ISO 9001.

Quarrying from Råda Ridge

Since the beginning of the 20th century, a number of gravel quarries have operated at Råda Ridge. After completion of their work, they left the area without any post-treatment whatsoever.

Quarrying plan

In consultation with the Lidköping County Administrative Board and the County of Lidköping, Rådasand AB prepared a quarrying plan and a plan for post-treatment over the entire quarry area in 1979. The plan also included the quarrying areas not exploited by the company, which means that we shall restore the area with slopes, ponds, etc. in consultation with the County of Lidköping.

This plan and its conditions have since formed the basis for operations within the quarrying area. Since the quarrying plan was made, the company has applied for quarrying permits from the Lidköping County Administrative Board and the Swedish Land and Environment Court in successive stages, regulating both the volume of the sand quarried and the operational time scale.

Ensuring groundwater quality

Rådasand’s operations have been based at the Råda Ridge. In the vicinity of the ridge lie Råda Wells, an aquifer from which the Municipality of Lidköping draws some of the drinking water for the local community.

The Company has consistently abided by the safety regulations relevant to this area. Several years ago, we introduced an inspection programme, which includes the continuous monitoring of the quality of groundwater and the water table and the reporting of the results to the County of Lidköping. During this period, we have not been able to detect any harmful effects on the groundwater, either in the quarry or in the nearby Råda Wells.

The water that we wash the sand and gravel with is cleaned and recycled. Some of the cleaned water forms ponds within the quarrying area where for example frogs and carp thrive, which is also a sign of good water quality.


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